Global Smart City Series 1


  • Global Smart City Series 1
    Global Smart City Series 1 is a registered sub-fund with its assets held segregated from any of the other sub-funds of Firminy Equity Fund FT. The objective of this sub-fund is to securitize the risks related to China Government guaranteed development loan agreements, aimed at the development of the new concept Global Smart City:

    Firminy Capital Sarl securitized development loan agreements of which the capital and interest have been guaranteed by China Government.

    With the assistance of our managing director Mr.Dirk Coetzer and team of experts, specific Medium Term Notes backed by the afore mentioned AA loans is currently been issued and made available for subscription to sophisticated, institutional and qualified investors, to further develop the challenging environmental objectives in the region.

    Global Smart City Series 1’s shares and Medium Term Notes have been duly listed on Clearstream and other financial listing systems.
    Specific documentation may be obtained from the offices of Firminy Capital Sarl by interested. Such material will only be made available to qualified subscribers and their recognized institutional advisors.